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Course #3

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System Dynamics Modeling: A Different Way to Think
Course 3: Building Original Models from the News

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The third course in the sequence of System Dynamics (SD) modeling courses is intended for those math or science instructors who want to learn to build original models whose inspiration arises from news articles or from course content for which there are currently no available SD models. The participant will learn even more advanced SD techniques and practice building some pre-designed models as well as original models. There is a modeling project required for this course that will take the participants through the entire SD modeling method. The model-building lessons have been used in math and/or science classes, some with students as young as 15 years.

Prerequisites: Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling for Math and Science Instructors: Course 2: More Advanced Models. Or, participants need: 1. experience building System Dynamics (SD) models containing at least 2 - 3 stocks, 2. the ability to design and apply a dimensionless multiplier in an SD model, 3. the ability to define consistent units and identify and explain feedback in an SD model, 4. to understand the meaning of transfer of loop dominance.

The sequence of session topics are listed below:

Session 1:  Review of Digital Communication Tools and Review of Course 1 and Course 2 Concepts
Session 2:  Information and Material Delays; Supply and Demand Model
Session 3:  Verification and Validation; Pollution Model
Session 4:  Building a Stock/Flow Diagram From a News Article
Session 5:  Starting the Research for Your Team Project; Policy Testing; Urban Growth Model
Session 6:  Building the Model for Your Team Project; Start Fishbanks Activity
Session 7:  Draft of Project Model Due; Finish Fishbanks Activity
Session 8:  Correct Project Model; Complete Model testing; Build Fishbanks Model
Session 9:  Determine Potential Successful Policies for Project Model; Policy Testing with Fishbanks; Video Presentation Specified
Session 10: Video Presentation Due; Demonstration of C-Learn Climate Change Simulation

Each session is divided into sections that involve exploring the new concepts, practicing the new concepts, an assessment, reading and discussion questions, and numerous web resources.

Dates: The third course will start on June 12, 2017 and last for 10 consecutive weeks.

Diana Fisher: Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award (2011 – System Dynamics Society); Presidential Award (1995); Intel Innovation in Teaching Award (1996). Teacher of system dynamics modeling at the pre-college and university level for over 20 years.

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