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STELLA (software)

STELLA is a visual, icon-based modeling software that is easy to use. It is a valuable tool to aid students in constructing models and analyzing system behavior. Due to its visual nature it makes modeling accessible to a broad spectrum of students. It has enhanced communication features that support student presentations of their work.

• Publisher: isee systems (

The Creative Learning Exchange

The Creative Learning Exchange is a resource for K-12 teachers trying to get started incorporating Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling in their curriculum. They sponsor a conference (Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Conference) biannually. See especially two books for middle school math and science teachers: “The Shape of Change” by Rob Quaden, Alan Ticotsky and Debra Lyneis and “The Shape of Change: Stocks and Flows” by Rob Quaden, Alan Ticotsky and Debra Lyneis (These books are also available from isee systems.)

The Waters Foundation

The Waters Foundation offers training for elementary and middle school teachers, and for school administrators in Systems Thinking, Dynamic Modeling, and Learning Organizations. They have an extensive website that contains some introductory Systems Thinking lessons.




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